Wednesday, June 17, 2015

How long to marinate your bbq food??

Most of the time we will choose the easy way out which is to purchase the food items on the same day and get all the seasoning, sauces and marination together with the required meat items.

We will then race against time to try and get the marination into those frozen or chilled meat that we just purchase an hr ago! With fingers crossed that it will turn out well enough to serve our guest.

Hmmm!! It's actually possible!

According to marination 101, marination is enough so long as you have given 2hrs settling time however poultry might need to take up to 48hrs in a refrigerator.

It is normally recommended to portion up the meat in order for the marination essence to be captured within the shortest period of time. After marination, you can pierce them through the skewers for better and easier handling when you placed it over the grill.

There are some important tips which we would like to share as well :

Do marinate the meats in the refrigerator instead of at room temperature. 

Do marinate the meats in a re-sealable plastic bags rather than containers. 

Do marinate the meat overnight if possible, to ensure the marination is absorbed. 

Don't use marinade from raw meat as a sauce as it contains bacteria from the raw meat. 

Don't use leftover marinade for other food. 

Teriyaki sauce, black pepper, cajun, etc are the common marination we will always come across. 
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