Friday, May 15, 2015

Sides that help to keep your guest who are early birds busy munching!

Definitely there will be early birds in your group of gathering and as a host or organiser, you want to make sure they are also rewarded for their timeliness attitude!

Of course the simplest method is to offer them a bottle of beer or even a glass of cold drinks to keep the heat down when you are starting the fire..

It had become too cliche now hence here are some suggestions that we would like to introduce you to:

1. Edamame Beans

To cook: Put them in a saucepan of boiling water for only a few mins, then drained away the water before seasoning them with salt.

This side definitely goes well with your beer!

2.  Tortilla Chips with sauces of your choice or liking

So while you are shopping for your food, remember to just grab a bag or two of these tasty tortilla chips.

It goes well with melted cheese, tomato, salsa or any type of sauce you can buy over the counter so that they can enjoying dipping and again drinking!

3. A bowl of mixed nuts

To maintain a healthy dietary, nuts are also an important element of food source. The most important is hassle free as you can purchase mixed nuts (unsalted of course!) over the counter and open it right away to serve your guests.

Important to get mixed nuts as there is at least a variety for your guest to choose from!

4. Fruits

Yes this is as simple as you might have forgotten! Buy some fruits, chilled it and cut it about 30mins before your event to ensure the freshness and keep these bacteria away from cut fruits.

Fruits are solution to thirst quencher! It helps to improve digestion as well.

5. Steamed corns

Steamed corn is the way to bring out the sweetness and juiciness of the corn. It is also a great way to keep your teeth strong and healthy by taking the entire corn and start eating like a squirrel or chipmunk!

Alright!  We hope these 5 suggestions will help you out to keep your guests busy while waiting for the food to be ready.

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