Wednesday, July 8, 2015

How to make a skewer of great meat !

Thinking of what do have for your BBQ session? Skewers of meat but do not know if what you do is correct? Maybe we can give you a quick guidance? 

If you intend to use bamboo skewers, please soak them in water for about 30mins before using them. 

Select meat with fats is essential like beef slabs, lamb shoulder, chicken thighs, etc. Point to note is to ensure that meat are sliced thinly and not in huge pieces. This will allow the meat to be cooked throughly within minutes. 

To choose the right type of vegetables are important as it will enhance the flavours of the skews. Don't select items such as carrot which will take a long time to soften as this might cause the meat to be overcooked as well. 

Sauce and flavours are purely recipe driven as we will not go in depth but remember to choose the right sauce. Too heavy a taste will cause the skewer to swing straight into the bin hence watch the selection. 

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