Sunday, April 5, 2015

BBQ BBQ BBQ BBQ BBQ BBQ BBQ - something we always mentioned

BBQ BBQ BBQ is an abbreviation that it commonly use everywhere. But do you know what is this actually?

BBQ which is the abbreviation for Barbecue. It is always confused between the word grill.

Grill is the cooking method over direct flame which is hot and fast while barbecue is the method over indirect flame which is low and slow.

Some of you must be wondering why indirect flame for BBQ?? We must admit and say that there are many who are doing it the wrong way.

This becomes direct flame and normally charred food is served.  

Ideal condition to smoke over indirect flame which is charcoal.

Hence in order for you and your party goers to enjoy your BBQ food in the right temperature and not indulging into charred food, please make sure you are in good control of the fire. 

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