Friday, April 3, 2015

Beefy Beef that comes along well with the gang

With the two previous post of Pig and Chicken, we have decided to bring the cow in the picture now.

As beef steak have to be served with minimum or zero marination, it is really the chef's skill to make this dish something spendid  and heartening for the customer. 

At theCavemanBBQ, we keep it as simple as we can in order to bring out the skills of the griller to a good test. 

BlackPepper Striploin Steak

Beef Steak are cooked to meet different expectations to the taste buds, very rare, rare, medium rare, medium, medium well done or well done and the least endear would be black and blue i suppose. 

We found this description table very useful as it shows and relate the different expectations:

 I guess there will be like hmmm.. so this is medium rare and not medium... as this is how i myself have misunderstood it until i saw the table above. 

Alright! Go to the website now! to order the striploin steak to curb the craving now!

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