Sunday, April 12, 2015

For a fair share of information for the beer drinkers which i think it's so much easier to choose!

Beer listing in the world has more than 100 over types in which it comes with their own school of fans. 

However, in Singapore, you are able to get these brands readily in the market and of course there are eshops which carry them as well. With the tight scheduling of liquor restrictions after a certain time, it will be much easier to organise drinking session at the private premises and in the comfort of your own. 

The list of brands commonly found in Singapore: 

Corona, Asahi, Guinness Stout, Peroni, Heineken, Tiger, Hoegarden, KilKenny, Erdinger, Carlsberg

However, if you like sweet taste beer for a sweet gathering : Magners Pear Cider is a personal preference here that i would recommend you to free. 

Gathering is always about good food, good company and good drinks! Laughter and Laughter will be present once all these are checked!

Have a good session peeps!

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