Sunday, April 12, 2015

Drinks(alcoholic, of course) that go well with the meats!

Drinking is as personal as it can be.. hence these are just thoughts based on our opinions. Disclaimers are just as important now! hehe..

Ok enough of the bull.. 

Meats are generally separated into two classes: white and red and it is defined by the concentration of myoglobin in the muscle fibre. When myoglobin exposed to oxygen, reddish oxymyoglobin develops.  making myoglobin-rich meat appears red. The redness of meat depends on species, animal age and fibre type. Red contains more narrow muscle fibres that tend to operate over long periods without rest while white meat contains more broad fibre that tend to work in short fast bursts. 

Generally, the meat of adult mammals such as cows, sheep, goats and pig is considered red; while chicken and seafood is considered white. 

We came across this in the web and it pretty much helps to conclude what is in line with the food which are served in our eshop. 

Hence when you order food for your BBQ session, you can prepare your wine in the chiller to enhance the hospitality motion of yours!

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